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About Atharva Concepts

Atharva Concepts is established by highly experienced Engineers with an appetite to develop concept products which would help individuals and in turn their families/ society.

To start with, we identified a critical requirement for Parkinson’s patient who face Freezing of Gait (FOG). We did a lot of research, discussed with neurologists, therapist and actual patients. With this , we came out with a feature rich Innovative Laser Cane. This cane is helping 100’s of patients across India to over come FOG.

As to stroke patients, the recovery time to regain upper limb mobility that too with precise coordination takes lot of time. This delays resumption of daily duties for these patients. Again, we came up with an innovative Finger Exerciser (Neurobiks- Finger) which helps patients to exercise at home/ in the lab.

The results are amazing. There is a statistically significant reduction in recovery period with this innovative device.

This device is also being used by kids suffering from cerebral palsy to improve neuro-muscular coordination. Results are encouraging. We are further exploring possible use cases and enhancements required.

We have also a product which improves hand steadiness and neuro-muscular coordination for specially enabled kids ( Neurobiks- Laser).

Further some products are in pipe-line which are really innovative and kind of first in India.

We will keep updating about new products periodically. Do visit our web site to see new products.

We welcome new Ideas and definitely we will work on your idea to convert them in products which will help people at large. Pls. Do write to us.

We believe in Continuous Innovation and converting new Ideas to products.

Team Atharva Concepts