Neurobics Laser


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Electronic Educational Toy for Kids with Special Needs, to improve Concentration, Hand-Eye-Ear Co-ordination, Fine Motor Skills and Reflex action.


“Neurobics Laser” is an Electronic Educational Toy cum Exerciser. It is designed very intelligently, after multiple interactions with Occupational therapists and Special Educational Schools. This toy helps to improve various skills of the Kids, who require special education. It is very important that the toy, you purchase for your kid, Should keep him / her engaged, entertained and also builds a skill set. This allows them to focus on the task and play with the toy interactively allowing them to find it enjoyable.
This toy is to be hanged on a wall and is to be played with Laser Pointer (Suplied along with this equipment) In “Neurobics Laser“, there are 4 Games and each game is having 2 Levels, Easy and Hard. Each game is designed very intelligently, to improve “Hand-Eye-Ear” Co-ordination, Concentration, Reflex action and Fine Motor Skills.
It is observed that the kids get bored by conventional games and activities, The attractive look of this equipment… melodious music and flashing coloured lights make this Toy interesting and enjoyable for the kids.
It is a very useful educational toy and Every OT Clinic and every Special Educational School must have it. Since it is very economical, even parents of such kids can purchase it.

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  • Free Delivery all over India.
  • Material will be dispatched on “Cash On Delivery” Basis.

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There are 4 Games to improve specific Skills of the Kid

Game 1

User has to focus on any of the sensor, if focussed for continuously 5 seconds Tune of Success will be played. It improves Concentration, Fine motor Skills.

Game 2

Any LED will glow randomly and user has to attend that sensor promptly, if attended tune of Success will be played. It improves Reflex action, Fine Motor Skills.

Game 3

Sound of Whistle is played, user has to count number of whistles and has to focus the laser on the respective sensor. It improves "Hand-Eye-Ear" co-ordination, Fine motor skills.

Game 4

It is reverse of game 2, One LED is "OFF" and three are "ON", user has to attend the sensor representing "OFF" LED. It improves Reflex action.