Neurobics Finger


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Neuro-muscular co-ordination Exerciser for Fingers. Useful for coordination Exercise after Brain Stroke, For Parkinson’s Patients, For Cerebral Palsy Patients and For Kids with Special Needs


Neurobics Finger is Electronics equipment for Neuromuscular Co-ordination exercise of fingers after Brain Stroke. It is also very useful for Coordination exercise for Parkinson’s Patients, Cerebral Palsy Patients and for Kids with Special Needs. User has to put four sensors on four fingers, and cap on the thumb. The LED on the panel glows randomly, and user has to touch the respective finger with thumb. For example, if LED indicating ring finger is flashing, user has to touch the thumb to ring finger. If touched correctly and within time, tune of “Success” will be played; else tune of “Failed” will be played. After every 16 attempts, score is shown. This feedback mechanism helps the patients to perform better and better. This exerciser is really the fastest way of Finger Rehabilitation. Please note that this equipment is for Neuro Coordination and do not have any Electrical Stimulation.

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  • Material will be dispatched on “Cash On Delivery” Basis.

Additional information


Stand alone equipment and does not require Computer


Two Games and each game is having 4 Difficulty Levels


Score is Shown after every Exercise, encourages the Patient to perform Better and Better