Neurobics Good Morning – Intelligent Bed Alarm System


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Bed-wetting alarms are among the most effective and safest bed-wetting treatments. A sensitive moisture sensor with Clip is attached to underwear and the sensor unit is clamped to Arm. The unit comes with a rechargeable battery, so no hassle to replace the batteries. Once charged, it works for a minimum 10-12 days. The Audio and Vibrations begin immediately after the wetness is detected, the frequency of Audio beeps and Vibrations goes on increasing so the probability of waking up of deep sleeping kids also increases. During the first days or even weeks of treatment with an enuresis alarm, a child may not awaken to even the most piercing alarm. Although this problem typically improves, parents initially must be prepared to wake up the child. By waking up, your child gets the chance to stop peeing. It is important that your child goes to the toilet immediately after waking up, to finish peeing. This helps to condition the child to wake up and go to the toilet when the bladder reaches full capacity. Bedwetting children are often deep sleepers and it is therefore difficult for them to wake up. If this is also the case with your child, the alarm may not wake them up the first few times. It will be up to you to wake your child so that they get used to it. After one to four weeks you will notice that your child sleeps less deep and that they wake up more easily. It takes about 12 weeks of continued trying for this process to work. It is not a quick fix.

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  • Free Delivery all over India.
  • Material will be dispatched on “Cash On Delivery” Basis.