Parkinson’s Laser Cane (Standard)


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Walking Stick with Bright Laser Beam helps to break “Freezing” and minimise “Short Steps”


You must be aware that “Freezing” and “Short Steps” are the most common and unbearable aspects of Parkinson’s disease and has been linked to injuries, falls and reduced quality of life.
The freezing episodes are impossible to predict, it often happens when patients move from one environment to another, get up from a chair, or move through a doorway. “For these patients, it’s like their feet are stuck in wet cement!
“Short Steps” are also one of the most common but unbearable aspects. Due to short steps the probability of Falls and injuries increases.
It is proven that the Walking Stick with Laser Beam is the most effective triggering device which helps to break the Freezing. Also, the bright Red Laser Line gives reference to take the Step, which helps to take normal steps, which in turn minimizes Falls.
We have developed “Easy Walk” the Walking Stick with Laser and audio Trigger for Parkinson’s and Other Neurological Conditions. We have added few intelligent features to make it more useful, like “Inactivity Timer” and “Steps Counter”
Inactivity Timer- If the Patient is freezed and there is No Activity for around 30 Seconds, The Stick starts Beeping sound and flashing Laser beam. This helps the patient to come out of Freezing, also it alerts the Family members to attend the Patient.
Steps Counter – After every 25 steps the Stick Generates Audio Indication, this features helps the patient to perform defined Gait Training

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  • Free Delivery all over India.
  • Material will be dispatched on “Cash On Delivery” Basis.

Additional information


Height Adjustable Walking Stick.


Contactless Electronic Sensor, ensures proper Grip of Bottom Rubber with Ground.


Re-Chargeable Battery, Can be charged with any Smart Phone Charges.


Light Weight.


Optional Broad Triangular Bush


Unique Inactivity Timer


Unique Steps Counter


Sturdy Design